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Winter Blues

Hello everyone. Winter is a hard time for me mentally. The days get shorter, and I thrive off of sunlight so it’s always been a balance of things keeping me afloat in the winter. Recently though it’s all been about perspective. I’m a naturally negative person. I always look at things from the worst point of view, and this winter I was just having a really rough time with it. Myself, my music, anything I could be hyper critical of. So I’ve been you could say retraining myself through perspective to look at things in a more positive light. I’ve heard about all kinds of remedies for seasonal depression. Those UV lights, and exercise, and eating healthy, meditation, the usual, but for me it has been perspective. When I have a better mindset about things that used to set me off it helps me have better days, and I think a little more logically when I’m not so sad. Meditation helps me with this too. I always am quick to react, quick to emote, and I now try to take time to process what’s going on in my head before I come to any conclusions. Anyways I thought I’d share a lil piece of my brain with all of you today. I also am thrilled to align my mission with Center for Suicide Awareness. I love their "Hopeline" and I am looking forward to collaborating with them! I love you and I see you and the sun will rise again. It always does. Bailey <3

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